Curb Appeal

When it comes to increasing the value of your home, changing the mood or creating a more inviting appearance FROM THE STREET should be your first go-to DIY project.


1.) DEBRIS: Make sure your yard, driveway and porch are free of any debris. Having loose trash, rubbish or clutter can say a lot about who lives in the home and can be very unappealing to anyone wanting to purchase your home and/or purchase in your neighborhood. 

2.) FRONT DOOR: Three simple things you can change is the style, color and accents of your front door. Choosing a style that best matches the architecture of your house, but stands out, can go a long way. Painting the door a color that pops can set a cheery mood for anyone when viewing your home. Trying unique, yet fun, door knob plates can also set the tone for your entire house. Whether you have a sleek mid-century or a classy craftsman, there are plates for all types of front doors. 

3.) HOUSE NUMBERS: Not only are house numbers a useful tool to allow friends, family and potential buyers to navigate, it too can set the tone for your entire house. Choose something that mimics the style of your home, go big and go bold! Not only is it a great, easy and inexpensive change, it can also be a fun project with so many great options!

4.) LIGHTING: Changing your older porch light fixtures with something more contemporary or LARGER can make a big difference on your hoME'S curb appeal. Add solar lights up your walkway or stop by Home Depot and purchase landscaping spot lights, this will bring life to your home around the clock.

5.) ROOF & GUTTERS: Having debris hanging from your gutters and moss growing on your roof may not seem substantial, but can MAKE YOUR HOME SEEM NEGLECTED AND LESS desirABLE. Have your roof treated for moss once a year and clear your gutters. Doing these things can not only make your home LOOK NICE, it can also extend the life of your roof and PREVENT water from entering your crawl space or basement.